About Me
Embracing the full potential of digital communication I love to take on difficult challenges serving brands and consumers. I believe that’s where the challenge lies, creating something that tells the brand’s story while entertaining customers.
I have been working as a digital Art Director for 10+ years now. In that time I have dreamt up and made interactive products and experiences for brands and agencies.
Tikkie (ABN), Schiphol, Vodafone, Tom Tom, Centraal Beheer, bol.com, NS, KLM, Efteling, Polestar, Philips, T-Mobile.
Dept. (Prev. Tam Tam), Superhero Cheesecake, Jungle Minds, Code D'Azur, Born05, We Are You (Prev. Colours & Red Hot Minute), Content Matters, Zandbeek, Mirabeau.
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