Being tasked with creating a creating to look and feel for a learning platform, I created this concept. Together with a small team at Tinqwise we came up with the this proposal. I created the name, logo and branding elements. As well as all the screen designs for both mobile and tablet.

Tinqwise creates educational software for the workplace and this platform was going to help technicians who we're  helping customers with new 'smart' thermostats, installing them and helping with how to use them. 

Concept screens

For the pitch we developed several screens to convey the way our product would work. The idea was that the technicians would have a tool in their pocket at all times. They would get new lessons pushes to their phone and to most important ones would be right behind the splash screen. They could should how much time they would like to spend watching it. Depending on their needs.

We came up with different formats in which the content could be presented to our users.Video formats, 5. steps guides, quizes and more. All this could also be complimented by user generated content that would be created by other technicians or customers. 
Thanks so much for watching and don't forget to appreciate this baby!

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