The goal of this project was to create an overal online identity which would work not only on the public pages but also give the personal dashboard a branded feel. To do this we created a visual strategy in line with the brand promise. The brand promise being 'Afval bestaat niet' which translates into Garbage doesn't excist. We choose to never show garbage, instead we show you the result. Because it's transformed into materials to maken great stuff like bikes, coloring pencils, lipstick en more.
70% of the users on the side have one thing that they wanna do, they wanna get rid of their waste. So we created a clear and omnipresent button to do just that. So wherever you are you can always hit that thing and you''ll be helped as soon as possible.
The personal dashboard needed to be clear and easy, so it's stripped down to the bare minimun. No overload in buttons and dial but a clear visual overview of your stuff. And here is the brandpromise directed at you. We can show users what's being made with their waste.
Styleguide to provide future designers with a toolkit to create layouts.
To show the client another way of doing it we created this mockup. Here we  tried to show a more corporate approach in which we could mix 'inspirational' content with 'practical' content.
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