Together with a great team I created the experience for Business Users within the Tikkie app. The goal was to make the the flow and functionality feel as effortless and fun as the 'normal' Tikkie flow. However we did wanna make the environment visually stand appart from the normal one. 

The way to get users to sign up was to tell tell them about the benifits such as include a logo or add an optional invoice number. I created illustrations for the screens to have the look and feel still be fun but to move it a bit closer to a professional environment. 
Another thing we launched was this nice little feature called cashback. We worked together with Coca Cola to create a very simple flow in which users could get their discount directly to their bank account in a matter of seconds. It was as easy as scanning the QR code and then scanning the bottle or receipt and you where done. 
We also did a lot of research and concerting for different ideas on enriching the app. For this I created the mockups an animations. These I then showed to test users in the proces of validating our ideas. 
Thanks for watching!
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